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What a year it's been!

Hey Dushi!

We hope you've had an amazing 2017. We certainly have!

It's been an absolute whirlwind of a year and a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs but here we are, about to dive right in to 2018, with a head full of dreams, positivity, excitement, motivation, focus and more ambition than we ever thought possible!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of this journey, your support, custom, likes, comments, shares, feedback.... It truly means the world to us here at Dushi Designs HQ


We started 2017 pretty much a novice when it came to social media, advertising, promoting, content creating etc... We had so many ideas, so many pieces of paper with scribbles and sketches. We were constantly brainstorming but we just didn't know how to translate the beautiful mess inside our brain into something real... Until one day we figured we would try something new. We decided to do some research and get some creative inspiration from some of the people, accounts and young entrepreneurs that we loved and admired. To be honest we were a little shy at first... It can be quite daunting stepping out of your comfort zone, but OMG are we glad that we did!

We discovered a world full of like-minded creative girl bosses, travel obsessed beach bums and go-getters all trying to make a living by doing something they LOVE...

Connecting with them made us realise we CAN and we WILL make our dreams a reality!

In fact, when we started to reflect on what we had already achieved so far we were like, "DAMN! WE SMASHED IT!"

This year we got our swag stocked in the Sunset Shack in Aruba. We did our first ever official photo shoot with the beautiful Valery and Nabhilach.

We collaborated with soooooo many awesomely talented content creators and photographers. We even got our roundies and slogan tees featured in Ginger Thielmans two music videos!

And we launched the #DUSHISQUAD our brand ambassador reward program.

It blows our mind to think of the success we've had in 2017 and we can't wait for you to continue on this journey with us in to twenty eighteen!

So here's a list of some of the incredible people who have inspired and motivated us this last year and who have given us the confidence to continue to crush our goals in the coming year....

  • The Pineapple Queen herself Kat Gaskin! 🍍 Her dreamy tropical photos transport us to paradise every time we see them. We have always been a super fan but we fell in love with this girl boss a little bit more when we found out that she is the mastermind behind The Content Planner... This social media planner is designed especially for bloggers, content creators and female entrepreneurs. We treated ourselves to this and it's been the best gift ever. Plan it. Post it. Profit. That's the motto for The Content Planner.... And guess what, it works!!! Kat has given us so many useful tips and advice, her insta live stories on a Saturday afternoon have become our new religion! She is full of wisdom and knowledge and is more than happy to share this with her fellow girl bosses. If you want to make your life easier in 2018 then invest in this planner! Spending a whole day planning a months worth of content means we have more time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Aruba... It's a no brainer!!!

  • The superstar marketing and branding babe Jasmine Star! ⭐️ This woman... WOW! What a legend! She's a straight-talking, no-nonsense kinda gal who knows her stuff! When it comes to killer advice put in simple terms and useful information that is actually USEFUL she is our go-to girl! Jasmine shares great tips on photography, collaborations, trade-offs, branding, instagram algorithms, how to be present on social media, how to create engaging content... She has a wealth of knowledge and shares it all in her monthly Social Curator program. Her YouTube videos are pretty awesome and inspiring too! In fact it was one of these videos that gave us the courage to reach out to a social media influencer who we admired and ask them to do a collaboration with us... And guess what? They said YES!!!! Without her words of encouragement and easy to follow tips, that collaboration probably never would of happened... Jasmine's Social Curator program has made a big difference to Dushi Designs and we highly recommend it to other bloggers, boss babes and entrepreneurs!

  • The genius duo behind the Sunset Shack ☀️ These two business partners have supported Dushi Designs from day one! They believed in our concept and took a chance on us when no one had even heard of our little beach brand. That first meeting was nerve-wracking, we probably talked a million miles an hour and bombarded them with a million more ideas but they totally "got it". They just understood the whole idea and concept behind Dushi Designs and from that day we all just knew that we was meant to team up and take things to the next level. We have all worked our beach butts off this past year. We've shot with some amazing photographers who have captured the partnership between Dushi Designs and the Sunset Shack perfectly. The Sunset Shack has become so successful this year that they had to relocate to a bigger store in an even better location at Paseo Herencia. They have been featured in Exclusivo Magazine and even got a spot on Trend Alert. Business has been booming for them and we can honestly say from the bottom of our hearts that we are so proud when we tell people that our swag is stocked in their cool store! Keep your eyes peeled because together we have SO MUCH MORE to give you in 2018!!!!!

TWENTY SEVENTEEN... It's been a pleasure... Thank you to these boss babes for always motivating, encouraging and giving us the confidence to make Dushi Designs the best brand it can possibly be this last year!

And thanks to YOU! For your continued support and custom. Every like and double tap warms our heart, every comment from you makes us smile and every purchase makes us do our little "happy dance"






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