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Trends for 2020

Twenty Nineteen saw the revival of some of the hottest trends from the 90's... And I have to say this decade was a personal favourite of mine, so it's no surprise that I was OBSESSED with EVERYTHING!

Here's a quick run down of the trends that we predict will be sticking around in 2020:

1. Bike Shorts

Seen on celebs, catwalks and VSCO girls all around the globe. This wardrobe staple is a sure fire way to stay on trend without compromising comfort. Pair it with an oversized graphic t-shirt for that effortless look. Or add heels and a blazer if you want to look more polished.

Funny story: I did a photo shoot earlier this year and brought along some bike shorts as an accessory to wear with a tee to make a complete outfit... The model looked at them and kind of pulled her face and said, "WHAT?! You want me to wear THOSE?!"

I explained that bike shorts were bang on trend and really popular in Europe and Australia and that the trend would soon catch on in Aruba.... I wasn't sure I convinced her and I don't think she believed me. However, low and behold, just a couple of months later, the same model is posting pics of herself wearing bike shorts on the 'gram.... #trendsetter

2. Scrunchies

Not just for your hair... These are worn stacked up on your wrists... Adding bright pops of colour to your outfit. You just never know when your mood will change and you fancy tying your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun!

3. Shell Accessories

Not just for island girls... This trend was HUGE and is sure to stay put throughout 2020. Seen on travelistas and fashion bloggers everywhere. These cute shell bracelets, anklets and necklaces are very Bali-esque and are guaranteed to give your outfit a beach chic vibe no matter what the occasion is.

The Sunset Shack in Aruba has an array of shell treasures waiting to be discovered by you so take a look when you are passing by and check them out before they sell out!

4. Reusable Water Bottles

I am happy to see this "trend" become more popular in the mainstream and I hope this is a sign of better things to come. Everyone by now knows that single use plastic is not good for the environment, so investing in a reusable water bottle is one of the small changes that you can make to impact our planet. I have been obsessing over giving these water bottles a personal touch too and our new range of waterproof bubble-free stickers do the job nicely!

5. Shop Small Slow & Sustainable

I am well aware that the fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world (sadly). Fast fashion is a huge culprit so with that in mind I made a conscious decision to not mass produce my products and apparel. Instead every item is made and printed to order. This way I ensure nothing goes to waste. The downside of this is that delivery times take a little longer and I am not able to offer overnight shipping. 2020 will see more eco-friendly options being adding to the online store; organic cotton t-shirts using sustainable materials is one of the big changes that will be implemented across the store.

I would love to know your thoughts on this and also to find out what other trends you want to see more of in the new year?...

Shop the looks featured in this article by clicking on the product images or this link below:


Who, what and where is on my radar in 2020?....

This place has to be my dream photo shoot location!

I have been a fan of this place for as long as I can remember but with it's recent refurbishment and expansion last year, I have become even MORE in love with this chic hideaway in Aruba.

Their brand new casitas, tucked away on a historic coconut plantation, feature insta-worthy necessities such as outdoor showers, colourful Caribbean inspired decor; including retro style peacock chairs and bold wall murals. And... they even have overwater hammocks...

What more could one ask for?!

This quaint little Aruban treasure is surrounded by a lush tropical garden that instantly makes you feel like you have arrived in paradise!

The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel is most definitely on my radar!

Not only would I absolutely LOVE to do a photo shoot here for Dushi Designs but I think I might just check myself in for a mini staycation and be a tourist on my own island for a few days... What do you think?...

This local brand has been a personal favourite since the start. It's been so exciting and inspiring to watch them grow. From posting postcard perfect images of our beautiful happy island to now launching their locally owned and operated tour company. They now offer small, intimate, bespoke island tours showcasing Aruba's hidden gems in an authentic, friendly and informative way. A day trip with these guys will leave you feeling like you've just discovered an untouched part of the island with a tour guide that will become your friend by the end!

Check them out and show them some #DUSHILOVE

Soooooo... It's no surpirse that this young guy is on my radar.

I mean, I gush about him with every opportunity I get!

And here's the reason why...

Edrick started out with nothing more than a camera and a passion for taking pictures. His sweet, shy personality, complete lack of self-awareness as to how talented he actually is totally won me over!

Since I first met Edrick I have watched him grow, not only in self-confidence but also in business too. He has taken every nugget of advice that I have given him and executed it perfectly. The last few years have seen a rise in "photographers", "content creators", "models" and so-called "influencers". I am a true believer in chasing your dreams and being a goal-getter and I will be the first to champion and nurture and encourage any young talented creative.... But... I am also a strong believer in this motto, "Be a doer not a sayer."

Anyone can SAY they are a photographer but there is a huge difference in actually DOING the thing you say and this is where I feel that Edrick stands out from the crowd.

Last year he quit is day job working for the government to pursue his passion for photography, videography and content creation. He registered his own company at the Chamber of Commerce here in Aruba, secured contracts with well established tour operators and hotels, grew his client list by offering his services to holiday makers who were vacationing on One Happy Island and wanted to capture the unforgettable moments whilst on their dream vacation and he even got an all expenses paid trip to the USA for a photoshoot.... For a 22 year old island boy, he is absolutely smashing it and an inspiration to the youth of Aruba and beyond.

Big things are coming in 2020 for Edrick and I would love nothing more than for you to show him some support by recommending him to your friends and family for weddings or special events. If you know someone who is planning on visiting Aruba then tell them to reach out to Edrick and ask him to take some incredible vacation snapshots for them to treasure forever.

Good things happen to good people and Edrick most definitely falls in to the GOOD PEOPLE category.

Described as, "Makers of luxe essentials for the land and sea, we are the iconic Australian beach brand."

And oh boy they are so right!

This brand is THE OG of the ROUNDIE!!!!

They inspired me to bring the round beach towel to Aruba after discovering their beautiful beach essentials whilst on a trip Down under.

Since they launched over 6 years ago, they have completely transformed the beach scene and expanded to offer luxurious items such as linen fans, parasols and even a picnic basket that doubles up as a cheese board!

This female founded beach brand is always an inspiration to me and will remain on my radar throughout 2020.

This photography event founded by Glenn Geerman, connects like-minded photographers who wish to collaborate and create content together.

When I first discovered the collective I was so happy because I have always been a huge believer in collaboration over competition, so this was music to my ears when I heard what Sombre Sunday stood for.

Glenn's motto is, "Let's BUILD. Let's GROW" and I support this wholeheartedly.

I encourage any young creatives to attend a Sombre Sunday event, especially if you have been thinking about it, but never actually made it for one reason or another, now is the time! Glenn just announced his final Sombre Sunday will be on Jan 19, 2020 as he is leaving Aruba and does not know if/when there will be other events in the future. So reach out to him today to find out all the deets.

Kudos to Glenn for going against the grain, especially on a tiny island where competition is fierce and most people will trample over others to get to the top, not realising that there is room at the top for everyone if we all help each other.

I am sad to hear this Sunday will be the last photography event for a while, and I really hope someone else will take the baton and continue what Glenn started, because the world needs more community, more kindness, more encouragement, and more COLLABORATION!

Don't you agree?!...

So there you have it, my TRENDS FOR 2020 and what's on my radar this coming year.

That's all for now Dushi Family, thanks for reading, until next time....


Who, what and where is on YOUR radar for 2020?....



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