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Self Care Is Not Selfish

If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that self care is not selfish. It's an absolute necessity and most certainly not a luxury.

So often, we find ourselves burning out from stress in our daily lives, and it’s not until the moment we’ve absolutely had enough that we allow ourselves a break. But what might happen if we all took a “break” before we reached that final breaking point?


1. Emotional Self-Care

Activities that help you connect, process, and reflect on a full range of emotions.

Examples: Seeing a therapist, writing in a journal, creating art, playing music etc.

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2. Practical Self-Care

Tasks you complete that fulfil core aspects of your life in order to prevent future stressful situations.

Examples: Creating a budget, taking professional development classes, organizing your closet, etc.

3. Physical Self-Care

Activities you do that improve the well-being of your physical health.

Examples: Taking a walk during lunch breaks, sleeping eight hours a day, staying hydrated, etc.

4. Mental Self-Care

Any activity the stimulates your mind or your intellect.

Examples: Reading a book, solving a puzzle, playing chess, going to a museum, etc.

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5. Social Self-Care

Activities that nurtures and deepens the relationships with people in your life.

Examples: Brunch with friends, going on a date, making time to call your parents regularly, etc.

6. Spiritual Self Care

Activities that nurtures your spirit and allows you to think bigger than yourself. Spiritual self care does not have to be religious, although for some it is.

Examples: Meditation, yoga, going to a place of worship, be in nature, dedicate time for self-reflection, etc.

What are your tips for self care?

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