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Paradise Found

The relaunch of DUSHI 2.0 kicks off with a brand new collection PARADISE FOUND!

I am so proud and excited to showcase these new looks and I hope you love them as much as I do.

After a much needed break I though it was time to come back with a revamped website, new products and designs yet still bringing you the island vibes you know and love.

To say the last 12 months have been a challenge is an understatement and I am sure many of you can relate.

I felt completely overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted and my creativity just wasn't where I wanted it to be.

When your mental health is suffering it effects all aspects of your life. Even the strongest of people, who on the outside look like they have all their sh*t together, have rough times. Just typing this I kind of feel icky because I would consider myself to be a strong person so to admit that I was struggling feels kinds of weird to me. In fact I feel guilty for even saying it out loud because in my head I think other people reading this will be thinking, "You live on a paradise island, what have you got to be down about?".

And yes, that is true. I am so blessed and lucky to live on Aruba but for me I just wasn't digging the "One Happy Island" vibes that my island is famous for.

This last year been probably been the worst in my life, not only with what has been happening globally with the pandemic, borders closing, lockdowns and social distancing but also in my personal life as well.

Without going in to too much detail, because many of you already know I am a really private person, but life as I knew it got completely flipped upside down and it impacted me more than I could handle.

It's taken months of working on myself, doing a lot of reflecting and dare I say it, soul searching. That sounds so cheesy I know! But it's the honest truth.

This pause/reset was a long time coming and it took some life changing events for me to realise that. I finally feel like I am becoming ME again and this has given me the confidence to switch up Dushi Designs and do this relaunch.

Anyway.... Enough of the doom and gloom, I don't want this to turn in to a "pity party" and bring the mood down... It's time to introduce the brand spanking new PARADISE FOUND collection and tell you all about what the future has in store for Dushi Designs...

After rediscovering myself in 2020 it's now time I rediscovered my island once again. Aruba has always been my source of inspiration and during these last few months I have reignited my passion for One Happy Island. I have taken time out to walk barefoot on the beach, float in the sea and get my daily dose of vitamin D. I have scratched my "wanderlust itch" and explored the dirt roads that lead to all my favourite hidden gems. I have soaked up every sunset and pinched myself at how lucky I am to live here. These simple acts was necessary for me to realise that I don't need to keep searching.... All I need to do is to remember that I already found my tiny piece of paradise.


This new collection embodies my love for Aruba, the island way of life and the dushi vibes that I want to continue to bring to you no matter where you are in the world!

I sent out a request on Instagram a couple of months ago asking for your help. I wanted to know what YOU wanted to see from Dushi Designs next. You gave me so much inspiration, ideas, suggestions and feedback and I took all of that on board and have worked tirelessly day and night to make your wishes come true.


New Aruba themed designs - Graphic t-shirts made for those who love the island lifestyle as much as I do.

Re-worked old classics - The original MALA MUCHA and BIDA TA DUSHI tees have had a little makeover so be sure to keep your eye out for when they launch.

Travel accessories - Luggage tags, passport cases, eye masks, accessory pouches and more... The complete matching kit for every travel addict is coming soon.

Sustainable, organic and recycled fabrics - I am well aware that the fashion industry is one of the top contributors for polluting the world. I really want to make a conscious effort by selecting sustainable fabrics, organic cotton and recycled materials, that combined with no mass production and made to order products will ensure that Dushi Designs impacts the environment in a better way so you can wear your island love with pride and still be Earth friendly. Fast fashion is a thing of the past. Small, slow and sustainable is the future.

Flat rate worldwide shipping - Making Dushi merchandise more easily accessible so I can spread the positive island vibes far and wide.

The blog - I've never really considered myself as a "blogger" but I have to say that I do really enjoy writing. It's another creative outlet that allows me to indulge in my passions and hopefully share tips, advice and my stories that will inspire others. I figured that life is short and it's time to do more of what I love. So I am going to try to blog more frequently and showcase even more of my beautiful Aruba with you. If you have any topics you want me to cover please let me know... Best beaches, top restaurants, local favourites, hidden gems, off the beaten track, recommendations, where to stay, what to do... I am totally open to suggestions and would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks for making it all the way to the end.... It's now time to go and find your PARADISE!



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