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The Bahamas

This new blog series aims to showcase the most beautiful island destinations around the world, as seen and experienced by our Dushi family members. If you are searching for your next island getaway, looking for inspiration on where to vacay next or planning your island hopping itinerary... This blog series is for you!

Introducing our first ever guest blogger:


We have been fangirling over Melinda since the day one! This blonde bombshell, cheerleading teacher is a true island girl at heart and her dreamy insta feed really proves that. Her love of travel, island adventures and good vibes is evident in every single colourful shot. Not only does she write killer captions, that will instantly make you smile, but she also shares amazing travel tips and let's you in on her favourite hidden gems. If you already follow Mel's account then you will know that she is in love with the BAHAMAS. Her passion and knowledge for this coral-based archipelago is so strong, it will make you want to book a ticket to visit one of the 700+ islands and cays!

In fact, we think the Bahamas Tourism Board should make her an ambassador...


by Melinda aka ShakingMyPalmPalms

1. What attracted you to book your trip to the Bahamas? 

Being a beach lover I was mesmerized by the beautiful blue waters.  I would see pictures on Instagram where the water look liked it was neon blue (it really is) and it quickly moved to the top of my “must visit” list.  I knew I had to see it for myself! When I first laid eyes on the water I was sold!


2. Who did you travel with? Solo? Family? Friends?

I’ve been so lucky to have visited the Bahamas 4 times.  Two trips were with family and two were with friends.  It’s the perfect place for both.  I’ve also met several people there on solo trips, it would be a fantastic spot for travel solo to as well.


3. What were the locals you met like? 

The locals are WONDERFUL!  They are helpful, kind and friendly.  I think the locals are what makes the Bahamas so special..especially in Exuma.  Their warm and hospitable nature make a visit there even more enjoyable!  The whole island just feels happy and that’s largely because of the locals.


4. Did you find any sights or activities off the beaten track? 

My days of just laying on the beach all day have come and gone (although a few days like that are nice during a trip).  I’m an explorer, when I go somewhere I want to see every single thing I can.  Being on the island for almost 50 days I feel like I’ve explored the majority of Great Exuma. My husband and I found a little spot on the island just past Exuma Point Beach Resort that has an incredible sandbar.  If you go at low tide and walk out in about waist deep water for a couple of minutes you can have the whole place to yourself.  We’ve been several times and have never seen a soul there.  It’s the largest sandbar I’ve ever been on it’s truly a hidden gem!


5. What was your favourite meal?

 For lunch it would be Santana’s and for dinner anything from Shirley’s!  


6. What's your top 3 recommended hot spots in the Bahamas? 

This is my absolute favorite spot on the island.  The views at low tide are insane, they honestly took my breath away.  This awesome spot is run by one of the nicest families.  It’s the best place for cocktails and a view!  Hands down my favorite place to go!

This is a must if you’re ever in Exuma.  You can take a water taxi for $15 round trip to this little slice of heaven.  You can spend the day enjoying one of the prettiest views, watching the stingray swim right up to you, playing sand volleyball or cornhole or hanging out at the bar.  The food is relatively in inexpensive too!

3.  The harbor 

You can rent a boat from Minns for the day and explore the harbor and all it has to offer.  This is my favorite activity to do while on the island.  There’s so much to see and do and many empty pristine beaches to explore!  


7. What was the most surprising thing you saw or did? 

I would say it’s the wildlife and marine life!  Where else in the world can you see swimming pigs, swim with sharks, see a beach full of iguanas, meet a bunch of friendly stingrays and swim with the turtles? It’s truly incredible!


8. Tell us one fun fact about the Bahamas. 

When asked astronaut Chris Hadfield “what place on earth is most beautiful from space” he said the Bahamas.  He stated “the Bahamas are gorgeous, the deep trench in the ocean floor called the Tongue of the Ocean is the most beautiful deep indigo color”. It’s pretty darn beautiful from earth too!


9. Would you revisit the Bahamas? 

ABSOLUTELY!  I’m headed back in April and am already counting down the days! Although Dorian wreaked havoc on Abaco and Grand Bahama, there was still so many islands in the Bahamas untouched by the hurricane.  I highly recommend visiting!! 


10. Where's next on your bucket list? Let us know which cool destinations you will be traveling to soon. 

Belize!  It’s been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and I’m finally going to get the opportunity to go!  I am so excited and can’t wait to explore!

xo Melinda xo


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Have you ever been to the Bahamas? Or is it on your bucket list?

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