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Meet Marigin

I am so proud to announce our new blog series "In The Spotlight".

Each blog post will feature a member of the Dushi Squad or a guy or girl who has modelled for Dushi Designs. Giving you an insight in to what goes on behind the scenes on a Dushi Designs photoshoot and sharing their own personal views on what Dushi Designs to means to them.

It is my pleasure to introduce our first interviewee.... Marigin!

Hi Dushi’s!

My name is Marigin Anaïs Rafael. I am 22 years old and I am born and raised on Aruba. Currently I am studying at the EPI in the Hospitality and Tourism sector, doing my internship at the Pelican. 


1. How did you feel when you got asked to be a Dushi model? 

I remember this like it was yesterday. I was already a huge fan of the brand. When I got asked to be a Dushi model I was shocked! For me the brand is so cool that I couldn’t believe they wanted me to model for them. I was more than honored to be part of the Dushi team and I still am. It’s something I carry with pride. 

2. What does Dushi Designs mean to you? 

For me it means, “Love for everything Caribbean.”

Growing up here in Aruba, I’ve always loved the beach, our white sand, snorkeling and protecting our corals, drinking coconut water. Just the entire Caribbean living.

Dushi Designs represents all of this and more.

For me Dushi Designs allows me to express the freedom I feel being on this island’s beach side. The love and how grateful I am to have been born on such a beautiful island and for that I am thankful.

Dushi Designs is part of my heart! 

3. Which location was your favourite from this shoot and why?


The secret beach! Most definitely!!

The reason is because i had no clue it even existed. When we drove up and started walking towards the “No trespassing” sign, I was very curious. Once we walked up to the stairs, my eyes were overwhelmed with beauty. I am so in love with that beach, I can’t stop going now. Definitely one of my favorites here on the island. I felt like I was walking in heaven the whole shoot there.

4. Which outfit from this photo shoot did you love the most? 

I have two, even though I’d say I love them all. The first one is the “Dushi” crop. The design is so simple yet perfectly captures the meaning of the word in the most Caribbean way.

The second one is the “Coconut sipping, hammock swinging, sunset chasing, barefoot living kinda girl” crop. That’s exactly who I am and who I am determined to stay in the future. It perfectly describes all my favorite little things of being an island girl! 

5. Can you explain what the Papiamento phrase "poco poco" means? 

There are different words that come to mind. Poco poco means: take it easy, slow down, chill out and/or relax.

6. What was your most memorable moment from this Dushi Designs photo shoot?


Honestly, the whole photoshoot. Everything was perfect! From the team to the outfits, to the locations. It was such an easy going photoshoot. We were all on the same page, understood each other’s visions, had a blast, connected instantly. It didn’t even feel like a shoot. Everything was so natural and genuine. Definitely a day worth reliving. 

7. Choose your top 3 shots from this shoot and explain why they are your favourites? 

This was the hardest question for me to answer. I picked three but I have way more than three favorites. 

The first one is the one of me with the “Dushi” crop top holding the “cocolishi”. It’s my favorite of the whole photoshoot because in that moment I was genuinely laughing and Quinty caught it. Plus I love the “Dushi” crop. I just feel like it shows how happy I was doing the shoot.

The second one is me next to the clothing line. It’s a dream to be able to live like that and if I lived next to the beach, I probably would. It expressed “island living” in a whole different perspective. So free and effortlessly. 

The third is the “Sea, Sand, Salt, Sun” shirt. It got taken right after dipping in the water and I felt so refreshed. The picture literally captures that moment. The effect that the sea has on me. How it instantly changes my mood. I love it!  

Marigin x



*All images in this blog captured by Moments By Quinty.


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