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Less Stress. More Beach.

Hey Dushi!

When life gives you pineapples, make Pina Coladas!

Yeah. Yeah. Ok, so that's not the quote you are all familiar with but it works for us 🍍😜🍹

So why are we starting this blog with a cocktail reference you might ask?... Well... We honestly could do with one (or three) right about now!

Lately, in fact probably the last 6 months, we have barely stopped to come up for air.

Brand new designs, promoting, marketing, advertising, finding new manufacturers, sourcing new materials, photo shoots, collaborations and the new Sunset Shack store opening at Paseo Herencia... We've been as busy as a worker bee these days!

We can't even remember the last time we gave ourselves a day off to kick back, relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches on One Happy Island (those famous beaches that gave us the inspiration to start Dushi Designs in the first place). Imagine that hey!

So much hard work, dedication, passion, time and energy goes in to creating Dushi Designs and keeping all of our products and website as fresh, fun and relevant as possible.

We had no idea starting out on this journey that it would be this crazy, chaotic and demanding!

With no formal training or background in business, management or content creating we have just been "winging it " from day one! 🙈 Our background is in the travel/airline industry...

Who knew?! Ha! #fakeittilyoumakeit

A typical day in Dushi Designs HQ would be waking up and immediately going online to check emails and orders whilst making the necessary pot of coffee.... Then the dreaded moment of realisation would kick in... S%#T.... What on earth do we post on social media?!?! 😱

Not gonna lie... Literally could spend HOURS pondering over what photo to post, what caption to write, what hashtags to use, what geotag to add.... Social media is the scary/overwhelming/time-consuming part of running Dushi Designs that we would rather not have to think about.

We would much rather focus our creative energy on coming up with new designs, new product ideas, emailing our loyal customers with special discount codes and scouting out new locations for our up coming photo and video shoots... Because let's face it when we are "sourcing photoshoot locations" really we are just finding a good excuse to go on an island adventure, and that is DEFINITELY WAY MORE FUN than being sat behind a laptop all day! 🌴

Dealing with these daily struggles and frustrations we decided to do some research on how we could make life a little easier and we discovered The Content Planner!

What a life saver and game changer this has been!!! WOW! WOW! WOW!

The pineapple queen herself @KatGaskin has absolutely nailed it with this social media content planner. It's everything we have been searching for and more!

Imagine planning one months worth of social media posts in just a couple of hours?...

We just did! And we can tell you that it's given us such an amazing feeling and so much relief! This has just become our secret weapon at Dushi Designs HQ!!!! It will be coming everywhere with us from now on... It 's travel friendly, light and portable and even fits perfectly in our tropical tote bags along with one of our roundies! #winning

So for any fellow girl bosses, female entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers out there who want some help finding the perfect work/life balance go and check it out now!

The Content Planner is loaded with features to keep your content on track and on trend:

◆ Fillable 15-month planner

◆ Reference guide of holidays and retail dates

◆ Custom-designed planner stickers

◆ Writing space for your biggest ideas

◆ At-a-glance monthly spreads

◆ And so much more...

It's the only physical planner designed to help the passionate entrepreneur effectively plan her social media and blog content. Get organised, crush your goals and grow your brand!

Click below to learn more (you can thank us later) 😜

P.S Whilst you are reading this we are sitting on the beach, basking in the sunshine, watching the waves kiss the shore... And sipping on a Pina Colada... Why?... Because now we can!

Time is precious and it's the greatest gift we have... And TCP has just given us so much more!

So cheers to that! 🍹



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