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It's Time

This is so hard for me, but I know it's for the best.

I have been putting off writing this blog for the last three weeks because I know as soon as I publish it, it all becomes real.

Each of you have been on this journey with us since day one and as much as I know it will break my heart, I know that the time has come for our sweet little warrior girl Phoenix to be adopted.

Cue the tears!


I knew the second that I rescued her I could not keep her forever, but I also knew that because I found her that I had to do the right thing and do my absolute best to save her.

And save her I did!

These last two months I have given her as much love as possible in the hope that it will make her forget the horrible traumatic start she had in life.

I tell her every night when she falls asleep on my pillow next to my head just how much she is loved. I cuddle her each morning before we get up out of bed and I tell her what a great day she is going to have. I tickle her belly, kiss her face, stroke her silky soft fur and when I look in to her eyes I think to myself, "What a little miracle!".

I guess fate brought us together that day back in May. I don't know why I chose to take that route home, I have no idea why I drove down that specific street... but I am sure glad that I did.

Phoenix | May 8, 2020

The instant I laid eyes on her I knew she was not going to make it unless I intervened.

Even during those first few days and nights, I wasn't sure if she was going to survive.

When she lay limp and lifeless in my arms, having seizures, so weak and fragile, I told her over and over again, "Do not give up! You have to LIVE!".... And I am now proud to say that she is LIVING HER BEST LIFE right now!

Phoenix has given me so much joy but it's now time for her to bring joy to someone else's life.

As much as I keep having an internal war with myself about whether or not I should keep her, I know that now is the right time for Phoenix to find her forever home.

She has had her first vaccinations and even got herself a pet passport!

With Aruba's borders now reopening she has the possibility to be adopted with a kind family overseas. If you are travelling to Aruba soon and would be willing to chaperone her back to the USA, Holland or Canada to give her the possibility to find a family there please get in touch with Luna Foundation and ask them how to become a chaperone.

Although international travel is difficult and uncertain during these times I would prefer for her to be adopted off the island. If you read my previous blogs about the stray dog problem on Aruba then you will understand why that is.

Also, I am afraid that if she gets adopted her on the island then I will just turn in to a stalker and be doing daily drive bys to "check" on her which will completely torture me! Ha!


I feel such a connection and bond to her so this is really tough for me.

Please understand that I have been battling with making this decision since I first rescued her.

Over the years I have rescued/saved/fostered many many many dogs and puppies, and the decision to hand them over to someone else is always heart-wrenching.

The reality is that I cannot keep every single dog or puppy that I find, otherwise I would end up becoming a hoarder and my house would look like a zoo!

Plus I know that in the future there will be other abandoned puppies just like Phoenix that will also need my help.

My dream scenario for Phoenix is that someone from our Dushi Family would adopt her because I feel like you know her background, her history and have been part of her amazing journey so would already have some kind of love for her.

Ultimately I just want the best for this sweet little girl. She deserves someone to give her a long, happy, healthy life full of adventures, a safe place to feel at home and a family to call her own. In return she will give you endless amounts of pure happiness, daily cuddles that will constantly melt your heart, she will be your loyal BFF that will love you unconditionally and always put a smile on your face.

For sure, that is what she has given me in this short amount of time together so I know that whoever adopts her is extremely lucky because you will have many years of making your own amazing memories with our little warrior girl Phoenix.


This. Is. It.

Now is the time.

I have to hit the publish button, share her story and hope that someone out there is going to fall in love with Phoenix as much as I have. This is bittersweet for me.

Right now I am a blubbering mess at just the thought of handing her over to someone else, so you can imagine how I will be when the day comes to wave her off at the airport! I am going to be a complete and utter emotional wreck!

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made a donation to Luna Foundation to go towards Phoenix veterinary care. You also saved her life and for that I will be eternally thankful and I know she will be forever grateful too.

Her fate is now in your hands.

If her fight for survival and incredible transformation has touched your heart then please share this blog, tell your friends and shout it from the rooftops...

Our little warrior girl, Phoenix, is now ready to find her forever family!

***sob sob***


For more videos and photos documenting Phoenix journey please check out my Instagram highlight named "PHOENIX".



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