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Island Adventures...

It's always been a dream of ours to buy a camper van and travel through Europe and across the USA on an epic road trip. Cruising down those long "instagram worthy" roads in the desert (you know the ones we mean) or winding through the rolling hills in the picturesque Italian countryside. Discovering tiny towns and quaint little white-washed villages. Oh to day dream!

Red Camper Van Aruba Dushi Designs

We fell in love with camper vans whilst backpacking around Australia many moons ago, when we rented a Wicked Camper to explore the The Great Ocean Road, and the east coast of 'Straya! It was an amazing experience, one that we will never forget.

Living on a tiny island like Aruba, we hadn't see many camper vans (if any) over the years, until one day we passed The Little One!

The excitement we felt when getting a glimpse of this gorgeous shiny red vintage camper parked up on the side of the road made us so curious... What? Who? Why?.... We wanted to know more.

We looked them up on Facebook and was completely charmed and impressed by this genius idea.... The Little One is actually a mobile bar/party venue on wheels that can be hired out for events and private parties on the island. How cool is that we thought?!?!...

Anyway, some months went by, we got busy and caught up in the daily operations of Dushi Designs and then we got this call... Maarten, owner of the The Little One, was on the other end of the phone asking us if we would be able to design him some cool t-shirts that he could wear at events to represent his brand and business but in the style of Dushi Designs!


What an amazing opportunity! We said YES right away!

We love collaborating, brainstorming and getting creative with other small business owners. This was a project that we thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Once we created the designs for The Little One we had to come up with a cool way to showcase our collaboration.... So we called in the one and only Shadee Lampe!

This talented young content creator is so amazing to work with. She is super professional, a perfectionist, enthusiastic and as cute as a button! At Dushi Designs HQ we affectionately refer to her as a little pocket rocket... Our secret weapon! And if you take a look at her insta feed you will see why!

Cheers Happy Hour Cocktail Bar Aruba

On the day of the shoot we headed to Boca Grandi as we wanted to capture different scenery and shoot in a new location. If you have ever visited this place you will know that it is completely different to the tourist side of the island. It's serene, peaceful, a nature photographers dream. Wild donkeys, only goats for traffic, frequent sightings of the Shoco and beautiful cactus and rocky cliffs for a dramatic backdrop.

So here they are... The eagerly anticipated collaboration: Dushi Designs X The Little One

Mala Mucha Camper Van Aruba

Wanderlust Aruba Dushi Designs

This is one of our fave shots from the shoot! Melissa looks beautiful wearing our popular Mala Mucha slogan tee. Click here to see more cute tees.

Round Beach Towel Camper Van

We have a great selection of round beach towels at the Sunset Shack. This Mala Mucha one is selling fast so if you are in Aruba be sure to check them out in the brand new store located at Paseo Herencia, Palm Beach.

Road Trip Aruba

The Little One X Dushi Designs Aruba

How amazing would it be to to host a party and your guests be served tropical cocktails, champagne and delicious canapés from this cute vintage camper?

Island Girls Aruba

*Content created by Shadee Lampe from Coco Palms

On this shoot we also invited a couple of rookies to join us and shadow Shadee for the day. These young guys had been asking to work with us for a while, as they wanted to experience a real shoot, learn some tips and tricks and gain useful knowledge that they can hopefully put in to practise in the future. We strongly believe in encouraging young local talent and will always give opportunities to anyone who genuinely wants to learn and improve their skills. So here is a look at a few behind the scenes shots from Brandon and Vince.

Let us know what you think of our latest shoot and tell us where you would take a road trip if you had a camper van?....

All tees and roundies featured in this shoot can be found online at or in store at the Sunset Shack, Aruba.

If you have an event or party coming up in 2018 and would love to do something different please get in touch with Maarten and he will be more than happy to help make your special day/night an occasion to remember!

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