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And so the adventure begins...

If you have been following Dushi for a while then you will probably know how much I love collaborating with young upcoming talent. I always encourage the next generation to get out there and chase their dreams and will always give those people a chance or opportunity to learn, gain experience and grow. I know first hand just how hard it is to start out in an industry that's so heavily saturated, you just want to stand out from the crowd, get noticed, you want people to see what you have created and be as passionate about it as you.

I had sooooooo many NO's when I first started Dushi. I mean, I was practically begging people, stores, hotels, anyone to give me a "lucky" break. No one would take a chance on a new brand that had just a couple of hundred followers, no one would give me that one leg up to help get Dushi established. It's deflating, demotivating, and a little heartbreaking when you hear no, after no, after no.

I have always been the kind of person that if you tell me "NO" it just makes me more determined to prove myself and convince you to say "YES". That hard work, dedication and fire in my belly made me turn my dreams in to plans and those plans eventually came to life.

I vowed to myself that I would do things differently with Dushi, I wanted to be a brand that said "YES" more times than I said "NO" to people starting out. Photographers, models, videographers, drone pilots, vloggers, content creators, designers, influencers, bloggers. I wanted to give these people opportunities. Maybe open some doors, give a little advice, encourage and nurture their talent, promote them and have confidence in them because I really wish I had someone like that to champion me when I first started Dushi.

With that said, this person needs no introduction.... He's the pina to my colada, the sand to my sea... He's Edrick Krozendijk and he's been a busy bee!

Edrick Krozendijk Content Creator Aruba

Edrick first came on to my radar back in 2016. I became a fan of his videos on YouTube and his dreamy Instagram posts. What a talent! I really wanted to collaborate with him but was too shy to ask him, because back then I didn't really have that many followers on social media and I didn't know Edrick personally, so I just assumed he wouldn't want to work with Dushi because we wasn't "big enough".


I mean, now I just think how stupid I was for feeling like that, but you know, I am only human!

The first experience of collaborating with Edrick came around when he was involved in making a video for a joint giveaway... I gave him no instructions, I had no idea who would be starring the video, or what location would be used but I put total faith in him because I already knew how talented and creative he was.... Never in a million years did I think he would blow my mind with the finished result.... This video was a game changer... It sealed the deal and I knew from that moment we could have a great future working and collaborating together.

Location: Blackstone Beach, Aruba

Model: Raquelle

Video: Edrick Krozendijk


Next up was the idea to create a video featuring our Dushi Squad. We wanted to get a group of girls together for a fun day at the beach.... But in true Dushi style it didn't go according to plan. Half of the girls didn't even show up to the shoot and the rest showed up super late... You know how it is... Island time!

By the time everyone got there though, the heavens opened and the rain came down.... Mother Nature put a stop to the shoot for that day!

There was however a small group of loyal professional girls who did arrive on time, so we invited them back for another attempt at making this video... Edrick was so professional, even though he was shy and was not as confident back then, he still managed to create absolute magic!

This is the result.... What do you think?...

Location: Arashi, Aruba

Dushi Squad: Sabrina, Alessandra, Noami, Alyssa

Video: Edrick Krozendijk


This last year has seen us team up with Edrick on many occasions. For giveaways, collabs, videos and photoshoots... But no where near as often as we would like! If we could have it our way we would be shooting and creating content with him EVERY WEEK!

When we found out Edrick got a "real" job with the government, we were happy for him of course... But at the same time was also slightly upset because we knew that he would no longer have the free time to work with us as frequently.

We tried to squeeze in some shoots whenever possible, Edrick is so talented, he's the kind of guy who always leaves you wanting more!

Our most recent shoot with him happened purely due to good timing... The blonde bombshell from Brazil, Alessandra, happened to be on the island and Edrick happened to have a day off. We jumped at the chance to make this beautiful video for Dushi Designs and the Sunset Shack.

Location: Sand Dunes, California Lighthouse, Aruba

Model: Alessandra

Stockist: Sunset Shack, Aruba

Video: Edrick Krozendijk


A few months ago he contacted me and told me that in 2019 he wants to really focus on creating more content for brands, doing more shoots and building his client base both in Aruba and internationally. I totally admire him for these big plans and decided I would help him any way I could.

For the last two months I have been secretly working behind the scenes to help Edrick get all the necessary tools in place to relaunch himself as his own brand: EDRXCK

It is with great pleasure that I can now reveal...

The brand spanking new, all swagged out website and online store from Edrick Krozendijk!

This new online hub showcases a wide variety of Edrick's work and portfolios, you can request a shoot with him, purchase one of his stunning posters of some of Aruba's finest locations, and when you subscribe to his mailing list you will receive a special code to download his dreamy wallpapers for free!

Edrxck Free Aruba Wallpaper

He has a collection of home decor products including pillows/cushions, prints and posters. If you love Aruba you will adore these. They would also look great in a vacation rental property on the island, show your guests that you support a local entrepreneur!


Edrxck Hooiberg Aruba Poster

If you download one of Edrick's wallpapers make sure you share it in your insta stories and tag him in it @edrxckkrozendijk to be in with a chance of winning a FREE pop socket!

Edrxck Aruba Pop Socket

Please, please, please check it out, share it with your friends and give your island boy the support he deserves. Edrick is one of the most unassuming, kind, shy, talented, creative, professional, passionate guys in Aruba and I wish him all the success for this latest venture.

I have every confidence, that one day, EDRXCK will be a global sensation and known for his talents all around the world!

And so the adventure begins...


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