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Collaboration Over Competition

I have always been a big believer in collaboration over competition. For me it's all about helping others achieve their goals as well as your own.

Not everyone feels like this though, as I discovered!

I can remember when I first started Dushi Designs, I would literally BEG other local brands to collab with me. Of course I had no followers and was completely unknown back then so no would work with me.

Well I say "no one" but actually there was a few, and those same businesses and brands have stuck by me from the start, helped me grow, supported me and cheered me on from the sidelines.

When you find fellow business owners who have a similar mindset and work ethic as you do, hold them close and don't let them go!

They will be there for you through the good times and the bad, regardless of how many figures you earn or how many followers you have on social media.

One of those local businesses who got behind me at the beginning was Jolly Pirates.

They are a well established business on the island and know their industry inside out.

I have always admired them and I am genuine customer of theirs. I have been aboard their pirate ship many many many times over the years and every time I have always had a blast! It's such a fun day out and I recommend it to everyone who comes to visit me in Aruba.

So when the owner Carla contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to collab with Jolly Pirates for a new promotion she was doing I immediately jumped at the chance!

This is like the dream collaboration for me as they are all about the fun factor and giving their guests an unforgettable island experience.

Covid has hit us all hard this year, but Aruba has really suffered as we depend mostly on tourism to drive the economy forward. Many business owners have had to pivot or brainstorm new ways to keep their business afloat and Jolly Pirates has come up with the perfect way to offer their guests an exclusive sailing experience with all the island charm we expect but still ensuring safety with extra Covid protocols in place.

Right now you can reserve a perfect pleasure cruise exclusively, just for you and your loved one, family or a few friends aboard the Jolly Pirates… without the price tag.

You will be able to unwind and relax aboard this Exclusive Sail Experience with snorkel and rope swing time in Aruba's famous turquoise water.

You just sit back and relax while their well-trained crew adheres to current protocol, to keep it a safe, fun and memorable adventure.

Here's a sneak peek at what happened behind the scenes with the DUSHI SQUAD on board the Jolly Pirates....

Huge thanks go out to everyone who made the shoot a success:

Carla, Tyler, The Jolly Pirates Crew, Dilan, Tania, Vanessa, Cindy, Kaela, Darren, Emily, Samil, Jetsen and Markwin.


*said in pirate voice*

Make sure you are following @jollypiratesaruba and stay tuned for all the epic content coming soon!

All outfits and swimwear featured can be found in store at the Sunset Shack located at Paseo Herencia, Aruba or shop online for international shipping.



Jolly Pirates:


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