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Bringing The Beach To You

The borders are closed, travel bans are in place, vacations have been cancelled.... But just because you can't make it to your destination right now doesn't mean you can't be mentally transported to a tropical paradise!

Here we give you a round up of the BEST island-inspired FREE wallpapers from Aruba's most talented photographers. Bringing the beach to YOU for your enjoyment during quarantine and a little reminder that good days are coming.


Edrick Krozendijk is only 22 years old and already blazing the trail for young aspiring photographers and videographers on his home island of Aruba.

Born and raised on One Happy Island, Edrick's passion for his beloved rock in the Caribbean is what inspired him to take up photography and capture his island adventures on film.

Now Edrick is sharing his vision with you, in his own unique style, through this epic collection of drone and landscape shots, giving you the chance to have a piece of paradise in the palm of your hand.

*link to download at bottom of page


David Troeger picked up his first film camera in Germany when he was 10 years old. In the 20 years since then, taking pictures has been his passion, and he has had a camera with him most of the time. But it was only when he moved to Aruba that he felt like taking his passion to a professional level.

With an abundance of beautiful natural spots, he started taking more and more pictures around the island until his work started to be noticed.

David is now sharing with you some of his incredible shots so you enjoy the crystal clear water and magical sunsets that Aruba has to offer.

*link to download at bottom of page


Out of love for photography together with love for the island Aruba, Aruba Paradise Photos was born in 2015. Taking his camera and drone with him as he explores every inch of the island, he wants to shoot beautiful images of our island for you to enjoy.

*link to download at bottom of page


Sharing my little island paradise with you is my passion! I love giving you free wallpapers to take your phone on a tropical vacation, so every time you look at your screen you can be reminded of One Happy Island.

If Aruba is your home away from home, your happy place, you was born and raised here or you visited and fell in love with the island way of life, I am sure one of my free wallpapers will put a smile on your face and help to brighten up your day.

*link to download at bottom of page

This is a tough time for our small island and this pandemic is heavily going to effect our economy so if you are able to do so, please support small local businesses and entrepreneurs like these talented, hard working photographers who have spent years honing their craft and building their portfolio. The tourists have long gone which means their livelihood has been impacted as they depend on tourists for photoshoots etc to make a living and earn a wage. So if you can show them some support by visiting their websites, downloading the free wallpapers and telling your friends it would be much appreciated.

If you LOVE the free wallpapers enough to share them on your social media please give the photographer credit by tagging them so they can see where their awesome shots end up around the world!

We all have to come together whilst being alone during this testing time and any act of kindness towards your friends, family, local businesses and community will give everyone the boost we all need right now.

Please stay home, stay safe and stay positive.





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