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5 Best Beaches in Aruba

Aruba is world famous for it's pristine beaches. The white powdery sand meets the crystal clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. It's a match made in vacation-goal heaven!

If you close your eyes and imagine paradise then Aruba's beaches are what you will picture. It's hard to choose just 5 because they are all stunning in their own special way but here we give you a run down of our personal favourites, in no particular order, plus a bonus secret beach too...


Arashi Beach | Aruba

Arashi is situated between Malmok and the California Lighthouse. There is such a chilled vibe here which is one of the many reasons why it's made it on to my top 5 list. It has beach huts, soft white sand, the waves are just right for body-boarders and it's also a great spot to watch the sun go down. All of this makes Arashi beach a firm favourite with locals.

TOP TIP: Grab yourself a refreshing cocktail from the local beach bar, Arashi Beach Shack, to cool you down in between dips in the Caribbean Sea.


Boca Catalina | Aruba

This beach is an amazing location for photoshoots. It has everything you could want... White sand, crystal clear calm waters, a few swaying palm trees in the distance and due to it's small size you can often have this cove all to yourself for a few hours if you come early enough during the week.

TOP TIP: Pack a picnic as there are no facilities at this beach.


Dos Playa | Aruba

If you are looking for a secluded remote beach you have to take a trip to Dos Playa! Located inside Arikok National Park, just getting here is an adventure all in itself. Dos Playa literally translates as "two beaches" both of which can be seen from up above. Swimming is NOT recommended here due to the strong undertow but it's still a beautiful place to relax with friends and watch the waves come crashing in. Bring a cooler loaded with snacks and drinks as there are no facilities at Dos Playa.

TOP TIP: Take a drone if you have one and capture the spectacular view of these two beaches from the sky.


This world famous beach makes it on to the hot list every single year. From TripAdvisor to Conde Nast, it get's ranked up at the top every time. It's current award is "3rd Best Beach In The World".... And here's why...

This soft white sand beach is the widest in Aruba. It's home to the two most photographed trees in Aruba, the Fofoti trees. They are seen on all the postcards and they are just as beautiful in real life. Their silhouettes always look incredible at sunset so make sure you get the obligatory "I've been to Aruba" snapshot next to these trees!

Eagle Beach is super accessible. It's walking distance from the low-rise hotels, public transport stops here and there is ample parking spaces.

TOP TIP: If you happen to be visiting Aruba between May and November you might just get lucky and witness turtles hatching on this beach!


This is perhaps my absolute most fave beach in all of Aruba.

I am lucky enough to live just a short stroll away so it's my go-to beach when I just want to get away from it all. It has colourful little traditional fishing boats bobbing in the bay, the water is clear and calm and it's home to the aqua painted stairway that you've probably seen all over Instagram. Unlike it's next door neighbour, Baby Beach, it's usually less crowed and more tranquil. For those who want to escape the crowds and are looking for more of a local feel, Rodgers Beach is the beach for you.

TOP TIP: Be sure to stop at Super Coco, the old man selling fresh coconuts by the red anchor on the way to Rodger's Beach.


This beach was unknown to tourists until a few years ago. Only locals knew about this hidden gem, and although I wish that was still the case (for selfish reasons of course) it's now become a popular hot spot on social media for both locals and tourists looking for new places off the beaten path.

I have spent so many days basking in the sun, floating in the sea and spotting turtles here. As well as many nights partying in the cave with friends and sleeping under the stars on this secluded beach.

I have such fond memories of this location but sadly I don't go there that often anymore because there is usually other people there these days and I'm the kind of girl who thinks that if there are more than 5 people on the beach, it's crowded!!!! He! He!

It's a great place for pretending you are a castaway or living out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy, and of course it's awesome for capturing those picture perfect moments that we all crave for the 'gram.

TOP TIP: If you want know the exact location of where this secret beach is, you will have to contact Isla Aruba and request one of their amazing "Secrets of Aruba" tours!



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